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All our pizzas are freshly prepared, along with the sauce and dough, at each individual location for your tastebuds enjoyment - Pizza64

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Fan Favorite

Traditional styles of pizza with our savory signature sauce n' spice mix

When walking into any Pizza 64 location we pride ourselves in knowing that each will retain that same great customer service which will have you leaving with a smile, along with a mouth-watering taste to bring you back for more!

An Offer You'll Love

Gather around the table
with slices to share for all

Check in on our exclusive deals when ordering  online for pizza deals when you order 2 or more! Deal prices may vary based on location, so find the nearest to you and get the local deal you deserve.

Nothing beats Pizza 64 

We will never compromise the quality of our ingredients for a cheaper alternative. The ingredients- Vine-ripened tomatoes from California, flavorful Spanish onions, olives from Spain, real bacon strips, trans-fat free dough made with purified water and enriched Canadian flour - are chosen exclusively by Pizza 64 to ensure its high level of quality.

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